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Prepare for the Rainy Season:

Keep Leaves and Debris Out of Storm Drains

Falling Leaves ImageAre you prepared for the rainy season? Leaves that are not properly disposed of in the Green Waste bin can clog gutters and storm drains which can cause localized flooding. The District has experienced clogged storm drains and flooding of roadways in past years and hopes to avoid the need for Emergency services to unclog affected drains during this winter season. The District is responsible for its culvert/drainage system and with the aging infrastructure, keeping our drains free of debris is even more important. Homeowners are responsible to keep culverts on their property clean and clear of overgrowth or debris. Please do your part by cleaning up after the trees in your yard and encouraging your neighbors to do the same. This is especially important if you live near a storm drain. Proactive maintenance really helps keep the District’s cost down for maintenance of these systems.