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RHCSD Planning For Park Facilities and Improvements: Berkshire Park

At the upcoming meeting on November 21, the Board will consider approval of the draft plan for development of Berkshire Park.

Planning is underway for park facilities and improvements within the District. Construction of the District’s newest neighborhood, Sierramonte, is going strong. With those 49 new homes will come new residents who will also enjoy the parks and open space. The District received development fees and in lieu Quimby fees, some of which are earmarked specifically for the purpose of providing park and recreational facilities and improvements to serve residents.

In conjunction with development of the Master Plan and based on input received from residents, the Board and staff have developed a DRAFT proposed plan for amenities to be added at Berkshire Park, including a covered barbecue and picnic area and play area for children. The size of the park does not allow for basketball or other sports courts. The plan was discussed at the September 19th Board meeting. Based on input received from residents at the meeting and discussion, the plan was revised.

The revised plan may be viewed by clicking the link below. Share your comments with the Board at the upcoming meeting or by email.

RHCSD DRAFT Proposed Berkshire Park Development Plan 11-07-2017 REV 1 (Includes covered BBQ Area, play structure, swings, CSD storage)

Prepare for the Rainy Season:

Keep Leaves and Debris Out of Storm Drains

Rolling Hills Community Services DistrictAre you prepared for the rainy season? Leaves that are not properly disposed of in the Green Waste bin can clog gutters and storm drains which can cause localized flooding. The District has experienced clogged storm drains and flooding of roadways in past years and hopes to avoid the need for Emergency services to unclog affected drains during this winter season. The District is responsible for its culvert/drainage system and with the aging infrastructure, keeping our drains free of debris is even more important. Homeowners are responsible to keep culverts on their property clean and clear of overgrowth or debris. Please do your part by cleaning up after the trees in your yard and encouraging your neighbors to do the same. This is especially important if you live near a storm drain. Proactive maintenance really helps keep the District’s cost down for maintenance of these systems.