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November 2020 Board Meeting Rescheduled

The November 17, 2020 Regular Board Meeting has been canceled due to conflicts. A Special Meeting is set for November 24, 2020 at 7:00 pm. The meeting will be conducted via Zoom teleconference. 


RHCSD Monthly Board Meetings by Teleconference

Until further notice, RHCSD Board meetings are being held in accordance with the Brown Act as currently in effect under the State Emergency Act, Governor Gavin Newsom’s Emergency Declaration related to COVID-19, and Governor Newsom’s Executive Order N-29-20 issued March 17, 2020 that allows attendance by Board Members, staff, and the public to participate and conduct public meetings by teleconference.

You may participate in the RHCSD Board Meeting via teleconference. We encourage you to login from a computer or dial in from a cell phone. 

Please see Agenda for teleconference number and access code.

Link to Agenda below. See also Meeting Materials Posted on Website: Calendar – Board Meetings – 2020 Agendas & Minutes

November 24, 2020 RHCSD Special Board Meeting

RHCSD Playground Open; Updated CA Department of Health Guidelines for Outdoor Playgrounds

On September 28, 2020, the California Department of Health issued further guidelines for outdoor playgrounds and other recreational facilities due to COVID-19’s continued risk to communities. Please follow the recommendations listed below.

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The Rolling Hills CSD is reopening its playground to provide additional healthy outdoor recreation opportunities to residents. The District asks residents to take personal responsibility when using the play areas with their families by following required social distancing protocols at all times. The district also strongly recommends disinfecting hands prior to and after use of playgrounds. Playgrounds are open, however, the equipment is not sanitized; user discretion is advised.

El Dorado Hills Community Services District Implements Non-Resident Fee for Participation by Residents Residing Outside of its Boundaries in Programs and Recreational Activities

Several months ago the El Dorado Hills CSD Board of Directors adopted and re-introduced the non-resident fee. That fee is an additional 10% non-resident fee charged to any household that chooses to utilize the El Dorado Hills Community Services District’s services or facilities, and is outside of the District’s Boundaries.

The Rolling Hills CSD, which includes in its boundaries the neighborhoods of Springfield Meadows, Shadow Hills, Stonebriar, and Sierramonte, provides neighborhood parks and other services for its residents. It is a separate and distinct special district from the El Dorado Hills CSD. The Rolling Hills CSD is not located within the jurisdiction of the El Dorado Hills CSD.  This is often confusing because residents in Rolling Hills CSD also have the postal zip code for El Dorado Hills. However, the service areas for special districts do not necessarily follow postal zip codes. All households within the El Dorado Hills CSD’s jurisdiction contribute to the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of the parks and facilities located in that district through their property taxes.  The residents of the Rolling Hills CSD do not contribute to the El Dorado Hills CSD.  Such non-resident fee programs are not uncommon, and are an effort to address impacts onto the services and facilities provided by the El Dorado Hills CSD used by non-residents which the residents of EDH CSD are funding.

If you have additional questions about the El Dorado Hills CSD fees, please contact Mike Cottrell, Director of Recreation for the El Dorado Hills CSD at 916-614-3215.

Early Stages of Review: Idea under Consideration – Annexation of Rolling Hills CSD into El Dorado Hills CSD and Dissolution of the District

The Board of Directors will begin exploring possible annexation of the Rolling Hills CSD into the El Dorado Hills CSD, a separate and distinct community services district also located in El Dorado Hills. Unsolicited general information was presented to the Board of Directors about this concept. The Board determined it is in the best interests of the District to investigate the possibility of annexation and examine the pros and cons associated with the idea.  The District is interested in the community’s opinions and welcomes feedback from its residents. The matter is on the Agenda for the April regular board meeting for a preliminary discussion.  Please watch the future Agendas for more information on this topic.