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Rolling Hills CSD is authorized to adopt ordinances pursuant to California Government Code section 61060. The District’s ordinances are established in the public interest; to preserve the integrity, use, and safety of District facilities and properties; and/or to protect the health, safety, and welfare of community residents.

Ordinance No. 2016-01 Administrative Citations

Ordinance No. 2013-01 Regarding Encroachment Permits

Ordinance No. 2012-01 Regarding Parking Restrictions

Ordinance No. 2011-02 Regarding Sidewalk & Encroachment Maintenance & Repair

Ordinance No. 2011-01 Regarding Culvert & Roadway Maintenance & Repair

Ordinance No. 2010-03 Regarding Remuneration & Expense Reimbursement to Board Members

Ordinance No. 2009-03 Regarding Park Rules

Ordinance No. 2009-02 Facilities Use Park and Fields