RHCSD Planning For Park Facilities and Improvements: Berkshire Park

At the upcoming meeting on January 16, 2018, the Board will further discuss the draft plan for development of Berkshire Park.

Planning is underway for park facilities and improvements within the District. Construction of the District’s newest neighborhood, Sierramonte, is going strong. With those 49 new homes will come new residents who will also enjoy the parks and open space. The District received development fees and in lieu Quimby fees, some of which are earmarked specifically for the purpose of providing park and recreational facilities and improvements to serve residents

In conjunction with development of the Master Plan and based on input received from residents, the Board and staff have developed a DRAFT proposed plan for amenities to be added at Berkshire Park, including a covered barbecue and picnic area and play area for children. The plan was discussed at recent Board meetings and your continued input is welcomed.